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Parissa Salon Style Hair Removal Strip Free Hot waxing Kit

Amazon says :
Product Code : E-7665753
Brand : Parissa

Price in Pakistan Rs:3527.00/-

Important : Parissa Salon Style Hair Removal Strip Free Hot waxing Kit Price in Pakistan is 3527.00Rs. This product will take 3 to 4 weeks to delivery at your doorstep.



Get rid of all unwanted body hair with this Parissa strip-free hot wax. It is a Brazilian wax that does not require a mess of fabric strips for wax removal. In many salons, professionals highly prefer using Brazilian hot wax to remove the short and coarse hair from sensitive areas. This hair removal wax for the face and body is available in our collection of USA imported Brazilian waxing kits. It is only recommended for professional use because it requires a technique for safe and pain-free hair removal. The facility for hair removal waxes online shopping in Pakistan helps you get this hot hard wax at the best price.


·         Parissa strip-free hot wax is made of all skin-friendly ingredients, i.e., chamomile extract, beeswax, brassica Napus, and Collophonium.

·         The melted wax strongly holds the hair to let you pull them easily when it cools down.

·         It does not require strips or fabric to peel the wax off.

·         It makes the skin hairless, smooth, and soft instantly.

·         It also helps remove dead skin to make skin naturally radiant and healthy-looking

·         It is suitable for the face, brows, underarms, arms, legs, body, back, upper lips, chins, and even bikini area.

·         It also reduces the chance of ingrown hair.

Directions of Use:

Apply a thick layer of Brazilian wax on a targeted area in a hair growth direction. Wait for few seconds to set it and coot it down then peel it off in a single pull.

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