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Community Guidelines:

Shoppingexpress.pk has taken the oath to play essential part for community welfare. Therefore, widest e-commerce website helps the community in getting the top quality products for upgrading the lifestyle. Many products and imported brands may not available in local market, so we bring them here from USA and UK in Pakistan. We know our responsibility for upbringing the wealthy and healthy community. Thus, we have made the community guidelines for providing reliable online shopping experience.

·         In our Islamic republic of Pakistan, any anti-Islamic norm is not bearable. Therefore, we prohibited the import of any product that may become offensive to our Muslim culture. It includes, anti-Islamic books, gambling & lottery devices, sexual toys, pornography, and more.

·         All the original imported brands are available in our collection, as we are importing from original USA or UK websites. Customer can buy them from anywhere in Pakistan with the guarantee of originality.

·         The pricing of each product is made through our reliable pricing formula, which includes dollar rate, duty taxes, tariff charges, etc. Therefore, Negotiation of prices is not possible for us, so customer should avoid insisting the negotiation.

·         If vendors post the shipping charges on your ordered products, then customer should also have to pay them. However, we are not adding any delivery charges separately on any order.

·         All the products at Shoppingexpress.pk will import from original Amazon website. However, the origin of product may lead to any country, such as Pakistan, India, China, America, Japan, etc. The reason is that any vendor from any country can work with Amazon to provide the products.

·         As shoppingexpress.pk is linked with Amazon, so prohibited items may also be shown in our collection. However, you cannot buy it from here. If you place order for any of the banned item then your order will automatically decline. Find the details from the page of Banned items.

·         We are using API for Amazon so all the products of Amazon are showing at Shoppingexpress.pk. None of them are available in our stock. We will import each product only on your demand.