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LUMIFY Redness Reliever Eye Drops pack of 1

Product Code : E-5160843
Brand : LUMIFY

Price in Pakistan Rs:5765.00/-

Important : LUMIFY Redness Reliever Eye Drops pack of 1 Price in Pakistan is Rs. Cash on Delivery for the orders less than Rs.5000 within 3 to 4 weeks to delivery at your doorstep.



Have you been suffering from pollen allergy lately that causes your eyes to become red and watery? Not only do the allergies cause your eyes to become red but also result in itchiness, blurred vision, and burning sensation. To counter these effects we bring you the best LUMIFY redness reliever eye drops online in Pakistan imported from Amazon USA. To prevent the eyes from being red and irritated you can now do online shopping of USA imported LUMIFY redness reliever eye drops in Pakistan without a hassle.

• LUMIFY eye drops help to reduce the redness of eyes and make your eyes clear and radiant.

• It is believed that these redness reliever eye drops began to start working the moment it enters the eye and their effect lasts for as long as 8 hours.

• Unlike the conventional eye drops LUMIFY eye drop medicine contains brimonidine that targets the redness and prevents the side effects associated with it.

• Not only do these eye drops help to prevent and alleviate redness of the eyes but the presence of brimonidine also helps to treat open-angle glaucoma, ocular hypertension, and rosacea.

• Do not use the eye drops if the solution has changed its color or has become cloudy.

• LUMIFY is free from all harmful agents like bleach or dyes so you can use it without being worried about your eye health.

• These eye irritation reliever drops are easy to use, all you have to do is instill one drop in each eye every 6-8 hours according to your condition.

• LUMIFY eye drops should be used as directed by your ophthalmologist, in case your condition persists or worsens consult your doctor immediately.

• Although it is the number one redness reliever eye drops recommended by the doctors but the effects can vary from patient to patient.

• Lumify eye drops are perfect for all individuals who are 5 years and over.

• Do not use LUMIFY redness reliever eye drops for children under 5 years.

• If you are wearing contact lens wait at least 10 minutes before instilling the eye drops.

• Do not touch the cap or the dropper’s lid to prevent contamination.

Now you can look your best even if you have mascara on your eyelashes because LUMIFY redness reliever drops can be used even with makeup to make you look your best. Get your hands on the best eye drops in town by ordering the USA imported LUMIFY irritation alleviating eye drops online in Pakistan before it becomes out of stock.

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